I am a sculptor whose work mostly addresses issues involving some kind of inequity, such as those found in class or race issues, and their effects on individuals or groups of people. The concepts of my pieces are informed by personal experiences or through my observing the experiences of others. I create pieces that evoke some critical thought within the viewer, allowing them to make a correlation between their own experiences and the issue at hand.

In my observation of labor I see and feel the physical process. While this physical motion is repetitive and simple, it can become meditative and complex, affecting the body and the mind. At the end of the day we can be physically and mentally exhausted, but also have a feeling of worth and satisfaction. This is a common experience shared by common people; the more common it becomes the more faceless it is. The experience of making and doing work is different than the experience of watching the work be done, but both viewer and worker are informed by this experience. My videos are different than both, they are an image of the physical motion.

From my rethinking of ancient and modern labor methods, my drawings of levers, pulleys and wheels are inventions that are born out of our basic need to invent things. We invent things to make a task physically easier, but we also invent things because it is in our nature to challenge ourselves and naturally progress. This begins with a thought or drawing and sometimes becomes a physical object. Something happens in the move from a small drawing to a large physical object. The tension that is in the drawing changes; with the physical object comes physical tension. This change in scale and tension affects how a person relates to the object.